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What New Facilities are on Offer on Haven Caravan Parks in 2016?

For anybody who has enjoyed a holiday on a Haven holiday park you will know that Haven sites are always evolving and improving, from accommodation to facilities and activities to whole new parks, from one holiday season to the next, there is always something changing and improving on a Haven caravan holiday park.

It is no surprise to see that 2016 sees plenty of new and improved facilities on Haven parks and here are our choice of the best changes happening on Haven parks in 2016.

What New Facilities are on Offer on Haven Caravan Parks in 2016?


The showbar has undergone a refurbishment at Littlesea Holiday Park

East Anglia

Hopton Holiday Park gets a refurbished indoor swimming pool

North East

The indoor swimming pool at Haggerston Castle will be refurbished and a slide added. Refurbished showbar.

Berwick Holiday Park’s café bar is refurbished

North West

Refurbished showbar at Cala Gran

South East

Refurbished showbar at Combe Haven

The Orchards outdoor swimming pool has been refurbished as has the parks showbar

South West

The outdoor swimming pool at Burnham-on-Sea Holiday Park has been refurbished including an outside café bar

Refurbishment to the outdoor swimming pool at Riviere Sands

Refurbished showbar at Devon Cliffs


The indoor swimming pool at Primrose Valley has been both refurbished and extended. The parks showbar is also refurbished.

The café bar at Reighton Sands has been refurbished

Thornwick Bay (a new park) undergoes a refurbishment of the café bar, the indoor pool and the entrance to the entertainment complex.

The café bar at Blue Dolphin is refurbished


The café bar at Kiln Park has been refurbished


Craig Tara’s indoor pool’s refurbishment has continued with the park showbar also refurbished

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