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Which caravan holiday park is right for me?

Which caravan holiday park is right for me?
Here in the UK we have a massive choice when it comes to caravan holiday parks, from all action parks with a seemingly never-ending list of accommodation types, activities and attractions to small park found on a farmer’s field or independently and family run.

With caravan parks to be find in just about every seaside resort, landmark or even attraction and in and around many sites of natural beauty and popular tourist cities.

Basically, if there is a reason for someone to visit the area, there is likely to be a caravan holiday park to be found there.

Most of these parks have their own unique style and many offers much more than just a basic static caravan.

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Which Caravan Holiday Park?

So, with so many options and so much to think about, finding the right caravan holiday park can often be a difficult challenge even for experienced holidaymakers- but here at, we believe that by keeping these few basic steps in mind, you can quickly break through all of the option and find the park that is perfect for you and your family.

1. Select the resort

Whilst some people who go on a caravan holiday spend most of their holiday on the caravan holiday park itself, for most it is the area around the holiday park that makes or break the holiday.

If you like late nights out at a bar or restaurant or the culture of a trip to the theatre, a caravan park near a large town or city maybe best but if you like to relax and take in nature, a caravan park in the countryside maybe best.

2. Select the Accommodation Type

Just like picking the right hotel, making sure you stay in the right type of accommodation (somewhere you will spend a lot of your holiday) is a major part of enjoying a good holiday.

Holiday parks now offer much more than static caravan- from yurts to log cabins and hotel rooms to chalets- there really is something for everybody.

3. Select the park style

Some caravan holiday parks are all action park, featuring a huge list of facilities, activities and attractions whilst some park offer the chance to relax with just the basic facilities and most offer something in-between. Again, choosing the right fit for your party makes for a great holiday.

When you have chosen the right option for each of those points, the next point is often the biggest one for caravan park holidaymakers……

4. Cost

Spending too much just on the holiday cost stops you from spending money on enjoying the holiday. If you miss a day trip out, visiting a great attraction or simply been able to enjoy a nice meal out with the family- it’s likely your holiday will be ruined.

Before choosing a holiday park, make sure you have a maximum budget in mind. Find a holiday park that fits into your chosen option from the points above and fits into your budget and their you have it, that is the right caravan holiday park for you.

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